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SOUL Problem Solving Approach

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Why do we get these results?


First, Catalyst Technologies' strategies, plans and tools focus on better use of data and talent. If you are going to "fix" anything in your organization, make sure you are using your data and talent more efficiently and effectively -- or what's the point?


Second, Catalyst Technologies has been delivering cost control plans, strategies and tools for over 30 years, having released 18 different hardware & software products and upgraded/evolved over a dozen industry standards "best practice" applications, including Earned Value Management, Balanced Scorecard, Theory of Constraints and Enterprise Resource Planning.


Simply stated, we know what we are doing -- and that's why we get these results!



SOUL unleashes your workforce's true potential. Want proof? Answer six questions!


Measured Benefits


Bottom-Line Measured Results

Result In 1 Year: Production Line Efficiency Improved from 1000 hours to 110 hours

  • Department of Defense (United States Navy)
  • Space Technologies, MIL-STD Hardware and Software Test and Evaluation Environment

Result In 6 Months: Project Cost Overruns Reduced from 35% to 3%

  • Hughes Corporation Spin-Off Division (Palomar Products)
  • Air Traffic Control Systems, NATO Hardware and Software Research and Development Environment

Result In 6 Months: Time to Market Version Release Shortened from 120 to 60 days

  • Scour Inc. (Internet Portal Company)
  • P2P File Sharing Software Company, Commercial Internet Research and Development Environment

Result In 6 Months: Product Development Schedule Cut from 18 months to 10 months

  • Capacity Technologies, Inc.(AOL Time Warner Investment)
  • Advanced Networking Servers, Commercial IT Research and Development Environment

Organizational Metrics

Scope: Support business reengineering office for Warfare Center in Implementing organizational wide change (5000 employees)

“Mr. Nagy is our Business Process Reengineering and Innovation Office’s BPR expert. His knowledge of predictive metrics for organizational change is both noteworthy and unequaled. I consider his organizational technology one of the top three in the country and the only technology that metrically focuses on implementation success. Simply put, his technology is creative, innovative and effective.” Darrell G., Naval Surface Warfare Center, Point Hueneme Division, USN

Performance Reliability

Scope: Reduce throughput of large IT computer network to meet satellite test schedule and launch dates

“Regarding productivity and throughput, Nagy did what all the other ‘experts’ tried to do; and he did it exceptionally well. His leadership and know-how turned around and significantly contributed to a multi-billion dollar program being successful. The production efficiency and new automation practices increased throughput, conservatively, by over 50%. His efforts became a lifesaver for the organization.”  Kai S., Special Programs Division, Washington, D.C., DoD


Scope: Reduce time to market and improve implementation reliability for Air Traffic Control systems going to NATO countries

“We were challenged with our software production quality. We had 'experts' do their best, without effect. When Mr. Nagy presented his skills and tools, we were skeptical. Within six months of his arrival, he reengineered and successfully implemented new business processes. His [Mr. Nagy's] NATO Program became the model for the division, significantly increasing earned value, efficiency and reliability.” Kevin W., VP Engineering, Products Division, Hughes Corp.

Business Transformation

Scope: Reengineer company from portal service to advanced IT server based products

“Mr. Nagy's organizational and technical skills completely turned the company 'Rampt/Capacity Technologies' around. We were able to realign our business mission, drastically change the product line and had an opportunity to become a technology leader in our field all within a year. As a board member and the original investor in the company, I can frankly state that Mr. Nagy’s performance far exceeded my expectations.” Ron S., CEO, Crest Communications

Project Management

“The ‘state of the art’ project management technology … even Primavera can not compare.”

Michael T., Professor of Project and Program Management, UC Riverside

“A needed solution for large programs ... first time a solution that focuses on the people issue.”

Jim S., Executive Vice President and General Manager, IMS Company

Scope: Provide Project Management technology and methodology for LPD 17 IPDE Focus Group Support Team (IT Specialists statements taken from group)

  • "Incisive and practical method - it really worked."
  • "Every day in this workshop saved my team at least 10 days of effort or more per team member. The Technology is impressive!"
  • "This type of up-front teambuilding and detailed planning are rare in projects that really need them. This is my first experience with a project that is thinking during the start-up phase. Kudos!"
  • "The project planning process was excruciating, yet after seeing the results it was worth it."
  • "Getting to know your teammates while actually doing meaningful planning work - what a concept. There was enough difficulty built into the process to encourage us to band together. I found this to be a subtle but highly effective technique."
  • "The Technology allows a visualization of a project plan that leverages the development process. One hour on the 3-D model during initial planning is worth at least a day in any project [software] program. When you add Bruce Nagy’s enthusiasm and expert guidance, you have a winner."
  • "What we did in these 3 days is equal to 60 days of work. Nagys expertise is impressive!"


Naval Research Laboratory


Naval Surface Warfare Center



Hughes Aircraft

Aerospace Corp

Toyota Motor Sales, USA

Dow Chemical




Navy Program Executive Offices (PEOs)


Space and Naval Warfare Command  (SPAWAR)

Capacity Technologies

Spot Devices



JSL Technologies


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